capistrano-refinerycms.gitRecipes for deploying RefineryCMS using Capistrano v 3.x Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
cgit-styles.gitStyling for cgit, cloned from Harald Eilertsen5 yearssummarylogtree
checkpw.gitCheck passwords against using the k-anonymity protocol. Harald Eilertsen5 yearssummarylogtree
dot-emacs.gitMy emacs setup Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
fetch78.gitFetch 78's from Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
freebsd-puma.gitA robust init script for running puma on FreeBSD Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
hmnoweb.gitWeb site for Harald Eilertsen3 yearssummarylogtree
icaltool.gitA simple tool for getting information out of ical/ics files. Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
imusician-reports.gitA tool to dig out more statistics from the sales reports from iMusicianDigital Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
mubi-to-csv.gitSmall tool to extract film info from Mubi veiwing history. Harald Eilertsen4 yearssummarylogtree
norsk-urskog-main.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Harald Eilertsen4 weekssummarylogtree
norsk-urskog-registrations.gitApp for handling band registrations on Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
nvimrc.gitMy neovim setup Harald Eilertsen4 yearssummarylogtree
oslobike.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Harald Eilertsen5 yearssummarylogtree
pdf-calendarsA tool to generate PDF calendars. Harald Eilertsen5 yearssummarylogtree
postcodes-norway.gitRuby library to handle norwegian postcodes. Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
primstav.gitA virtual primstav written in Rust. Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
rabalderz.gitMy blog, using Zola the static site generator in Rust. Harald Eilertsensummarylogtree
rails.gitMirror of official rails repo with custom fixes. Harald Eilertsen5 yearssummarylogtree
ramaskrik-program.gitScript to lay out the program from Ramaskrik Horror Film Festival. Harald Eilertsen9 monthssummarylogtree
ramaskrik-social.gitA social program overview for the Ramaskrik horror film festival. Harald Eilertsen5 yearssummarylogtree
refinerycms-blog.gitFork of refinerycms-blog fixing some issues for hmno. Harald Eilertsen5 yearssummarylogtree
refinerycms-pc_banners.gitFork of banner extension for RefineryCMS. Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
rocket-blog.gitSimple blog engine with Rust, Rocket and Diesel. Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
rss2html.gitGenerate HTML from RSS feeds Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
trriggy.gitA naive trigger/drum replacer in Rust. Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
userscripts.gitMy collection of Greasemonkey userscripts. Harald Eilertsen2 yearssummarylogtree
vimrc.gitMy vim setup. Harald Eilertsen5 yearssummarylogtree
yggdrasilweb.gitWebsider for Yggdrasilskoven Harald Eilertsensummarylogtree
migrateScripts for migrating to their new infrastructure Harald Eilertsensummarylogtree
Thrash-and-Burn-Tour-2012-Website.gitWebsite for the thrash and burn tour 2012 with Imbalance, Exeloume and Ninth Cir...Harald Eilertsen6 yearssummarylogtree
cbconv.gitWriting a parser for Cubase project files with nom in Rust. Harald Eilertsen3 yearssummarylogtree
plugins/airwindows-lv2-port.gitUnofficial port of the Airwindows VST plugins to LV2. Harald Eilertsen3 yearssummarylogtree
varige-men-diktsamling.gitEn diktsamling underveis, latex kilder Harald Eilertsen13 monthssummarylogtree
hubzilla-ddev.gitDDEV env for developing/testing Hubzilla. Harald Eilertsen2 weekssummarylogtree
rust-zotapi.gitZot API wrapper in Rust. Harald Eilertsen16 monthssummarylogtree
sandcastles.gitFederation sandbox testing environment, fork of Eilertsensummarylogtree
volse-hubzilla.gitVolse Hubzilla -- soft fork of main Hubzilla core for Volse Harald Eilertsen5 dayssummarylogtree
volse-hz-addons.gitAddons for Volse Hubzilla Harald Eilertsen3 yearssummarylogtree
volse-hz-tools.gitTools for Hubzilla Harald Eilertsensummarylogtree
phisher.gitCheck for phishing links using PhishTank data. Harald Eilertsen6 dayssummarylogtree
volse-webtrap.gitA minimal WordPress/Web honeypot in PHP Harald Eilertsen7 dayssummarylogtree
faktura.gitInternal invoicing system Harald Eilertsensummarylogtree
velstandsfanden-faircamp.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Harald Eilertsensummarylogtree
plugins/gigologadmin.gitWordPress plugin for handling concert assignments for Harald Eilertsensummarylogtree