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* Toggle word wrap mode with <leader>w.HEADmasterHarald Eilertsen2019-11-051-0/+34
* Add vim-substrata colorscheme, and make default.Your Name2019-11-052-1/+2
* Make arrows move up/down by visual line.Harald Eilertsen2019-10-261-0/+4
* Highlight line with cursor.Harald Eilertsen2019-10-261-1/+4
* Add rust plugin.Harald Eilertsen2019-10-261-0/+1
* Add ginit.vim for graphics specific init.Harald Eilertsen2019-10-211-0/+2
* Add editorconfig, syntastic and swift plugins.Harald Eilertsen2019-01-021-0/+3
* Install vim-licenses plugin.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-241-0/+1
* Use Vundle plugin manager and install nertdree plugin.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-244-3/+24
* Begin with basic vimrcHarald Eilertsen2018-09-101-0/+24