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* Downgrade puma to version 4.3.6.HEADmasterHarald Eilertsen2020-11-082-3/+3
* Monkeypatch psql adapter for postgres 12 compatibility.Your Name2020-11-081-0/+19
* Set more meaningful names for postgres db config.Your Name2020-11-081-3/+3
* Update deps and add activerecord-postgresql-adapter.Your Name2020-11-082-26/+32
* Banners: Don't try to resize gifs.deploy-20200508Harald Eilertsen2020-05-081-1/+5
* Add script to export blog posts as html with frontmatter.Harald Eilertsen2020-05-071-0/+37
* Update vagrantfile to use FreeBSD 12.1Harald Eilertsen2020-05-071-2/+10
* Drop inquiries plugin. Not using it.Harald Eilertsen2020-05-073-10/+0
* Commit Gemfile.lock too.Harald Eilertsen2019-09-021-14/+14
* Update dep on refinerycms-blog.Harald Eilertsen2019-09-021-1/+3
* Extra deps for ssh ed25519 support in deployment.Harald Eilertsen2019-08-062-0/+8
* Emergency fixes to make hmno run on freebsd 12.Harald Eilertsen2019-08-067-49/+74
* Update assets.devHarald Eilertsen2019-05-26145-9/+37
* Add search powered by Qwant.comHarald Eilertsen2019-05-263-0/+46
* Drop ref to banners javascripts from app js file.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-261-2/+0
* Update dependency to banner extension.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-251-6/+6
* Fetch published banners for pages.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-251-0/+5
* Update assets.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-12149-22/+210
* Merge branch 'fix-banners' into devHarald Eilertsen2019-05-125-17/+19
| * Update deploy script lock.fix-bannersHarald Eilertsen2019-05-111-1/+1
| * Update banners and other deps.Harald Eilertsen2018-11-302-16/+16
| * Don't fall back to compiling assets in staging.Harald Eilertsen2018-11-301-1/+1
| * Include banners/*.js in application.js.Harald Eilertsen2018-11-301-0/+2
| * Upgrade Vagrant env to FreeBSD 11.2Harald Eilertsen2018-11-301-1/+1
* | Add a proper favicon.deploy-20190512Harald Eilertsen2019-05-121-0/+0
* | Updated assetsHarald Eilertsen2019-05-12143-3/+4
* | Make sure images don't overflow sidebars.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-111-0/+4
* | Use git version of bcrypt until a gem with FreeBSD 12.x support is released.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-112-3/+10
* | Upgrade/replace bcrypt-ruby with bcrypt gem, be less anal about capistrano ve...Harald Eilertsen2019-05-113-5/+7
* | Vagrantfile: Don't sync config/database.yml.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-011-1/+1
* | Move towards flexbox layout.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-017-29/+31
* | Use file tasks for database and refinery core configs.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-011-5/+10
* | Update schema with latest migrations.Harald Eilertsen2019-05-011-7/+9
* Gallery links issue #83: Open galleries in new window/tab.deploy-20180909Harald Eilertsen2018-09-091-2/+2
* Gallery links issue #84: Drop 'created' field from index.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-093-12/+2
* Gallery links: Reindent view.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-091-43/+43
* Precompile assets and check them into vc.deploy-20180902Harald Eilertsen2018-09-021165-65/+2845
* Use dashed asset helpers in stylesheets.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-025-55/+55
* Fix postgresql adapter fluke.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-022-8/+4
* A bit of cleanup in the Gemfile.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-011-15/+3
* Forgot to add byebug to Gemfile.lock...Harald Eilertsen2018-09-011-0/+2
* Reduce noise in logs in production.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-011-1/+1
* Add byebug in dev environment, update deps.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-012-21/+30
* Fix date display in blog posts.Harald Eilertsen2018-09-013-0/+9
* Drop IE6 check from layout.Harald Eilertsen2018-08-271-1/+0
* Gallery links: Sort index with newest galleries first.Harald Eilertsen2018-08-271-1/+1
* Update repo url for deployment.Harald Eilertsen2018-06-201-1/+1
* CVE-2018-3760: Disable compilation of assets in production.Harald Eilertsen2018-06-201-1/+1
* Merge branch 'misc-updates'Harald Eilertsen2018-06-1749-79/+1415
| * Add license header to files.Harald Eilertsen2018-06-1748-77/+749