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* Optimize cmstring parser a bit.devHarald Eilertsen2020-12-071-4/+6
* Begin parsing of Arrangement1 chunk.Harald Eilertsen2020-12-072-1/+43
* Redo the whole thing again.Harald Eilertsen2020-12-061-224/+95
* Simplify output of node info.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-261-9/+3
* Don't shadow PAppVersion from Eilertsen2020-11-261-21/+8
* Rename NodeType to Node, and give it some data.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-261-33/+22
* Return NodeValues from ARCH chunks.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-261-14/+24
* Get back to where we were.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-261-19/+24
* A somewhat new start.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-262-39/+97
* Drop no longer needed function.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-251-6/+0
* Drop terminating null byte from node value tags.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-251-15/+15
* Print the node values we know of yet.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-251-0/+3
* Refactor parsing of ARCH chunks and add docs.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-251-16/+38
* Discard terminating null-bytes at end of strings.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-241-6/+6
* Initial commit.Harald Eilertsen2020-11-234-0/+486