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devChange venues into proper objects.Harald Eilertsen18 hours
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18 hoursChange venues into proper objects.HEADdevHarald Eilertsen5-15/+174
21 hoursInstall phpunit with composer.Harald Eilertsen2-1/+2113
21 hoursAdd composer.json to manage dependencies.Harald Eilertsen2-0/+19
38 hoursIndentation and formatting nitpick.Harald Eilertsen1-25/+23
38 hoursFix warning in Dragon tableHarald Eilertsen1-2/+2
39 hoursBeuatified files after using editconfig with notepad++AndreaChirulescu4-152/+156
2 daysBeginning of a very rudimentary form for adding/editing concertsAndreaChirulescu3-106/+159
2 daysAdded function getpublishstatus to check if concert is uploaded within the pa...AndreaChirulescu1-1/+19
3 daysCheckbox for own concerts addedAndreaChirulescu1-3/+8
3 daysForgot 2 returns in taken by for Reviewer 1 and 2AndreaChirulescu2-10/+43