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* zotcli: Don't dump raw json response after post item.HEADmasterYour Name2020-05-023-6/+44
* zotcli: take item body as a file rather than string.Your Name2020-05-022-2/+8
* xchan: update internal api and parse results into struct.Your Name2020-05-024-21/+105
* xchan: rename request object type to XChanRequest.Your Name2020-05-021-12/+12
* Update MockitoYour Name2020-05-011-1/+1
* Update abook with struct and request object.Harald Eilertsen2020-02-144-31/+109
* tests: Make default mock return empty array.Harald Eilertsen2020-02-141-1/+1
* tests: No need to check response returned by mock.Harald Eilertsen2020-02-141-4/+2
* Refactor how ABConfigs are fetched.Harald Eilertsen2020-02-134-20/+25
* Let api access client request object directly.Harald Eilertsen2020-02-132-5/+13
* Add fetching ABConfig for only a given contact.Harald Eilertsen2020-02-132-0/+48
* abconfig: reorg + parse result into struct.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-046-15/+65
* Cargo fmtHarald Eilertsen2020-01-039-35/+10
* Move client constructor fn to submodule.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-033-14/+10
* Make channel and network stream behave like the rest.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-037-13/+75
* Move Client out of the api objects.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-0313-137/+105
* Use Url crate and move paths to submodules.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-037-33/+26
* Cargo fmtHarald Eilertsen2020-01-0216-190/+201
* No need for extern crate in Rust 2018.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-023-9/+0
* zotcli: Limit post to one or more groups.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-012-0/+7
* Allow limiting a new item to one or more privacy groups.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-012-12/+80
* Replace serde_urlencoded with serde_qs.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-016-36/+24
* Update deps.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-012-3/+3
* tests: Verify authorization properly.Harald Eilertsen2020-01-012-15/+15
* Update to Mockito 0.19 for smoother tests.Harald Eilertsen2019-07-292-13/+12
* Abstract away type of stored data in an Item.Harald Eilertsen2019-07-292-4/+38
* Reduce duplication in tests.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-121-84/+35
* Add a bit of doc to the ItemBuilder struct.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-121-0/+17
* Make Error type public.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-121-0/+1
* zotcli: Handle attaching media to posts.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-122-1/+7
* Fix uploading of attachments to posts.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-122-31/+29
* zotcli: Fetch group members by group id or group name.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-102-4/+57
* Implement fetching privacy group members.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-103-2/+83
* zotcli: Make group formatting work and print flags.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-101-5/+20
* Fetch privacy groups.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-097-0/+106
* zotcli can now post messages with titles.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-092-4/+11
* Use clap_app macro to define args at compile time.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-092-58/+38
* Use rust edition 2018.Harald Eilertsen2019-06-096-13/+24
* Add test for uploading two files.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-161-0/+37
* Upload one file should now work.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-163-7/+27
* Begin multipart/form-data upload support.Harald Eilertsen2018-11-193-1/+51
* Update to mockito 0.14.Harald Eilertsen2018-11-191-1/+1
* Merge branch 'rewrite-examples'Harald Eilertsen2018-11-0616-299/+508
| * Clear out old example code.rewrite-examplesHarald Eilertsen2018-11-066-298/+0
| * Move abconfig example to new example app.Harald Eilertsen2018-11-063-0/+36
| * Move the post new item example code to new example app.Harald Eilertsen2018-11-063-0/+40
| * Import macros explicitly in zot cli example.Harald Eilertsen2018-10-281-2/+9
| * Move zot cli example modules into submodule.Harald Eilertsen2018-10-286-11/+12
| * Add fetching xchans to main sample.Harald Eilertsen2018-10-092-0/+74
| * Add abook api to main example.Harald Eilertsen2018-10-082-0/+63