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* Handle non-matching GalleryLink entries inmigration.Harald Eilertsen2018-01-071-3/+9
* Fix default date for GalleryLinks migration.Harald Eilertsen2018-01-071-2/+2
* Split GalleryLink header into date, venue and bands.Harald Eilertsen2018-01-071-0/+32
* Install GalleryLinks extension into main app.Harald Eilertsen2017-12-173-1/+46
* Move existing posts to proper locale.Harald Eilertsen2015-12-102-1/+10
* Add migrations for banner module.Harald Eilertsen2015-11-143-4/+21
* Upgrade to refinery 2.1.0Harald Eilertsen2015-11-148-5/+124
* Allow customization of number of sidebar items for each category.Harald Eilertsen2014-03-022-1/+7
* Add refinery-banners engine.Harald Eilertsen2014-02-164-1/+76
* Add sidebar_position field to blog categories.Harald Eilertsen2013-12-232-3/+9
* Configure for Heavymetal.noHarald Eilertsen2013-06-1121-1/+465
* Initial commit.Harald Eilertsen2013-01-258-0/+341