Airwindows open-source LV2 plugins for Linux

This repository contains a CMake project that builds Airwindows plugins for Linux. Thanks to the Patreon supporters, Chris now publishes some of his plugins under the MIT license on his GitHub, thus making this possible. Please, consider supporting him. More info:

  1. https://patreon.com/airwindows
  2. https://github.com/airwindows/airwindows
  3. http://airwindows.com

This port to the LV2 plugin format is done by Harald Eilertsen, based on the CMake buildsystem Eugene Cherny made for the LinuxVST port of the plugins.

  1. https://code.volse.net/audio/plugins/airwindows-lv2-port.git

A mailing list has been set up for tracking the development of this port, as well as for receiving patches, issues etc. If you're interested in following the progress of this porting effort, please subscribe.

  1. https://listserv.volse.net/info/audioplugins


Install CMake from your package manager:

  • Debian / Ubuntu: apt install cmake
  • Fedora / CentOS: dnf install cmake
  • Arch / Manjaro: pacman -S cmake

Then make a directory where you want the project built, build is a good candidate. Then:

% cd build
% cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
% make

You should now have a lv2 subdirectory with another level of subdirectories, one for each plugin, copy these to your LV2 folder to install:

% mkdir ~/.lv2
% cp -r ./lv2/* ~/.lv2/

To build a debug build, set CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug instead.

Adding new plugins

  1. Create a new directory PluginName in the src dir.
  2. Copy the plugin’s .cpp and .h files to it.
  3. Add line add_airwindows_plugin(PluginName) to the root CMakeLists.txt. This will create a new target PluginName with all the sources copied, as